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What is the design of Hollywood Smile?

During the day, when we are interacting with people, our faces, mouths, and smiles grab the most attention. Thus, icons like Hollywood actors who owe their lives and careers to their smile, mouth and teeth structure are admired and modeled by public. The term ``Hollywood Smile`` has been used to describe this impressive smile in cosmetic dentistry.

In addition being so popular, cosmetic dentistry services have become in an art by bringing a new dimension to classical dentistry. Thanks to that, you will not only have a beautiful smile, but also have a piece of art.

The priority in Hollywood Smile service is to design the most suitable smile in according to the personal criteria chosen by our patients for enhancing natural beauty and facial expression. Once you have chosen your design of the smile features, the procedures to be applied will become clear. Before moving on to the procedures, let's talk about the golden rules of this method decided by dentists...

What are the golden rules of Hollywood Smile designing?

Teeth: The upper anterior teeth should be straight and free of visible fillings. The upper incisors should be positioned ahead and prominent compared to the other teeth.

Lips: They should be symmetrical and aparent.

Gum: The ideal appearance of the uppermost gingiva is 2 mm, and the gingival color should be in harmony with your skin tone.

Lip width: It should be half of the width of the face.

Smile line: It means the arrangement of the line.

Quality of materials: It is very significant to use veneer materials with a high light transmittance and the closest to natural appearance.

What Are the Procedures for Hollywood Smile?

Teeth Whitening: To have a beautiful smile, teeth preparation process involves whitening your teeth, so they all match the shade of the selected veneer. Our dentists will apply to you the most suitable teeth whitening method and your teeth will shine like a pearl.

Zirconium Crown: It is a solid, long-lasting, high light transmittance, metal-free special material. Zirconium krone is one of the indispensable parts of cosmetic dentistry.

Lumineers are porcelain veneers that are wafer-thin, and are fixed over the front of original teeth without necessitating the reduction of tooth structure. Laminate Veneer is applied for unaesthetic teeth such as broken, intermittent, curved, small and yellow color with a very small amount of intervention.

E-Max Veneer: E-Max Veneer, which is one of the highest quality metal-free ceramic tooth veneers, has been used frequently in recent years thanks to its light transmittance. It is no different from a natural tooth.

Implant treatment: Implant treatment is applied in cases where there is a tooth loss that affect negatively your apparence and dental aesthetic.

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